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For real, how fast is ZWCAD 2020? Top 5 revealed!

Speaking of the highlight of ZWCAD 2020, FAST, it may not be strange to you. But how fast, exactly? We’ve invited users from all over the world to see how long ZWCAD 2019 and ZWCAD 2020 respectively take to open a drawing. Here are the TOP 5 who experienced the biggest leap of efficiency.

 Before you scroll down, note that a surprise awaits you at the end of this article! 

Even the fifth one is fairly impressive. It’s almost 6 times faster for Chirag Jain from India to open his architectural plan in ZWCAD 2020 than in the previous version. The images show the time used to open the same file in ZWCAD 2019 (the upper one) and ZWCAD 2020 (the lower one).

Let’s move on to the fourth one. Opening a drawing of urban planning in ZWCAD 2020 saved Алексан др Авдаков from Kazakhstan nearly half the time he had to spend using the former version.

Here comes the most exciting moment! All from India, Vikram Thakur, the Struct Bombay Consultants team and the Tavase & Associates team are the top 3. Among them, the fastest opening time has decreased by 92%!

Top 3

Top 2

Top 1

With the above authentic user feedback, I’m sure that now you’ve got some ideas about the improved performance of ZWCAD 2020. A safe conclusion inferred from the data we collected would be that over 90% of the participants opened their drawings faster in ZWCAD 2020. Seeing is believing. If you are interested in seeing more of how fast ZWCAD 2020 can be, head over to this gallery!

Still have no idea how ZWCAD can accelerate your work? The below 2 videos (15 sec and 25 sec respectively) will convince you!

Every second counts. Want to give a big boost to your productivity? Give ZWCAD 2020 a try!

Special thanks to those who have taken part in this activity
Rui Pinto from Portugal

Alex from Ukraine

Slavisa Stosic from Serbia

Tomislav Kelemen from Croatia

Sandro Vittori from Italy

Volkan UZUNTEPE from Turkey

Julius from Lithuania

Alfredo Gonçalves from Portugal

Michał Wałęsa from Poland

onder karahan from Turkey

Patrick OHair from the United States

Liviu Dovancescu from Romania

Ing. Enrico Doppiu from Italy

Juan F. Domínguez from El Salvador

Magdalena from Poland

jakub slawuski from Poland

Damien PETIT from Belgium

Micaela Rossi from Italy

francesco paolini from Italy

Zbigniew Jarosz from Poland

Hans Knol from Netherlands

Vuk Jankovic from Montenegro

Aro Kivisild from Estonia

Przemysław Wróblewski from Poland

Scott Onstott from Canada

Wojciech Los from Poland

Maciej Wiankowski from the United Kingdom

Christo Tng from Singapore

tc from Taiwan, China

Marcin from Poland

Henrik Glatz from Slovenia

Andrea from Italy

Piotr Barcewicz from Poland

Paladi Aurel from Romania

Umesh from India

JAGADESH from India

Morne from South Africa

Mehmet Abacı from Turkey

John Exintavelonis from Greece

Fabio Corbucci from Italy

Haska Muhendislik from Turkey

Antonio S. M. La Salvia from Italy

Girmantas from Latvia

selcuk nebipasagil from Turkey

Pedro Alves from Portugal

Fodor Mihaly from Hungary

Mihaly F from Hungary

Manea Aurelian from Romania

Ilie Muresan from Romania

Ing. Jiri Strzinek from Czech Republic

Micaela from Italy

David Dunsmore from the United States

Michal Šimurda from Slovakia

Александр from Kazakstan

Pedro Lopes from Portugal

Александр Авдаков from Kazakstan

M. Khateeb from Israel

Marek Marczynski from Poland

yiannis daskalos from Greece

Joaquim Fernandes from Portugal

Toni Figueira from Portugal

Milan Nikolic from Serbia

Yavor Nikolov from Bulgaria

Robert from Poland

Marcin Sikora from Poland

patrizio from Italy

Rafał from Poland

Michael Phon from Mali

Suriyos from Thailand

Yazid Hasan from Indonesia

Bshara Rezik from Israel

alberto dorupa from The Philippines

Suketu Shah from India

Özkan Tosun from Turkey

architetto Giancarlo Betti from Italy

João Gomes from Portugal

Tran Xuyen from Vietnam

Trần Đình Đạt from Vietnam

Angel Favatas from Greece

Rúben Garcia from Portugal

Ivo Saina from Croatia

koksal sonmez from Turkey

Ivan Đurđević from Croatia

muhammad nuh panjaitan from Indonesia

Trương Hoàng Thân from Vietnam

Struct Bombay Consultants from India

Tavase & Associates from India

Robert from Poland

Cristi Secara from Romania

Chirag Jain from India

PROINWEST from Poland

VikramSingh Thakur from India

Tomasz from Poland

Piotr Lisewski from Poland

Kamil from Poland

Janos Brosig from Hungary

Ritchie Mayo from The Philippines

Tanmay Lakhan from India

Tanmay from India

Aurelian Manea from Romania

Rasesh Palav from the United Arab Emirates

Hugo Brito from Portugal

Tiago Coelho from Portugal

Rodrigo Rodrigues from Portugal

Husnul Huda from Indonesia


Aleksander Mosora from Poland

NGUYEN VAN HUY from Vietnam

Song, Heung-sup from South Korea


Tomek from Poland

HONG WONHO from South Korea

László Mangliár from Hungary

Sandra Cristina Vale Rodrigues from Portugal

Jeff Wrigley from the United States

Luca from Italy

Zed San from Indonesia

imre konye from Hungary

Mészáros Miklós from Hungary

David Gaskins from the United States

Georgios Fragkioudakis from Greece

mhmd nopy from Egypt

Artur from Poland

Topo Secara from Romania

Cadastru Expres from Romania

Ngo Thu from Vietnam

Alexey Bugaevskiy from Russia

Marek Świerczyński from Poland

Etrier Design SRL from Romania

Adrian from Poland

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