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How to Define ZWSOFT for the Next 20 Years?

In the 2018 ZWCAD Asia Forum held a week ago, Truman Du, the CEO of ZWSOFT, has made clear where will ZWSOFT go in the next 20 years, which can be concluded by two words: RELIABLE and CAX.

Why reliable?

Below is how Truman defined ZWSOFT’s positioning in the ZAF:

“With the continuous improvement of ZWSOFT’s products, we decided to focus on reliability in the new stage. Reliability is the bottom line. It is a foundation of a great product and a great brand. This is not just a slogan, it will be an action guide for the whole company in everything we will do.”

If you take a look around, you may find a lot of companies using “reliable” as the positioning of their products, ranging from credit cards to teaching courses, milk powder to bottled water. But, what does it mean in the CAD/CAM industry?

There are lots of “fancy concepts” these days in the CAD/CAM industry, like “Cloud”, “Industry 4.0”, “IOT”, “Collaboration”, or even “Subscription”. But at this point, ZWSOFT decides to turn its face towards the most fundamental idea, the very original intention of CAD/CAM software, and the reason why it exists. Why?

Simply speaking, CAD/CAM software was born to help people make things that are indeed used in our daily life. As small as a sprinkle in your backyard, and as large as a ton-class ship. Almost every physical thing you see in your life are basically designed with some sort of CAD software. So, if the software is not reliable enough, the products or buildings it made cannot be so, either. You definitely don’t want to be in an airplane that is not perfectly designed and manufactured, and neither do you want to live in an awfully-designed house that no one can tell whether and when it will collapse.

Therefore, whether the industry software is good or bad has a very direct influence on every one of us. It’s the first guarantee for designers, architects, engineers, etc. to make quality things, to benefit their own companies, and eventually, to benefit all of their customers, including you and me. It is kind of a responsibility that all CAD/CAM providers like ZWSOFT should bear in mind. With all these taken into consideration, we decide that we should go back to the original idea of industry software, that is to be RELIABLE, to serve the industry by helping people around the world solve their problems and make amazing things, so that we can turn the world into a better place.

Why CAX?

Except for keeping its feet on the ground to provide reliable products and service, ZWSOFT also keeps its eyes and mind open for future development and opportunities. At the end of the speech in ZAF, Truman announced ZWSOFT’s future focus:

“ZWSOFT has turned 20 this year. And for the next 20 years, we are going to become an all-in-one CAX company, and will focus on CAX in a very long time. So the next step for us is to enter into the CAE field, having our own CAE product as an important complementary of our current portfolio.”

We have our own 2D CAD, it is ZWCAD, and we have vertical applications based on it.

We have our own 3D solution, it is ZW3D, including CAD and CAM.

Now we are entering into the CAE or simulation field with prepared talents and technologies.

All-in-one CAX solution will provide more consistent user experience to our customers, enabling them to switch seamlessly from ZWCAD to ZW3D, and to our simulation products. It will be much easier for them to manage the data exchange when all CAX products come from the same supplier: ZWSOFT. Acquiring all-around solutions from ONE supplier is customers’ natural choice.

To draw a conclusion, we can define ZWSOFT as reliable and devoted to all-in-one CAX solution. I am excited and look forward to upcoming new progress.

Daniel Huang

Daniel Huang

ZWCAD Product Manager

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  • Hi Daniel,
    as you know I have been a ZW3D user from VX days and an engineer for much longer.
    iMO ‘reliable’ is not a public goal. It is an ethos or value that ZWSoft should have as part of it’s internal culture.
    To do that is has to be a stated priority. that management adheres to and insists upon so that it drives internal coding and design decisions.
    As a user I have seen massive improvements in reliability in Z3 CAD. But alwys we want complete reliability – zero fail. However we are also a little bit realistic.

    Re CAE – I am not a big user but would have been had the resources been more affordable. It is an area in which HPC has a role to play. IMO this is one area that the cloud can do incredibly well.
    Dassault bought the next big thing in CAE when they purchased X Flow last year. It is now part of the Simulia suite so very expensive no doubt.

    So a linkage to a competent cloud based CAE capability of a per use basis is preferred position from my point of view.


    • Hi Paul,

      Thanks for that comment.

      In fact, we are just doing like what you said, making “Reliable” the principle of our work, not only a slogan. It will be rooted in everyone’s mind here.

      As for CAE, we are at a beginning stage. But with some certain scientific achievements, we are going to build a powerful CAE product for some certain are, which we believe will bring extrodinary productivity increase. So just stay tuned!

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