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The Brazil I Know, I Love

2018 ZWCAD America Forum

I have studied and lived for one year in Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), which is located in Natal, the coastal city along Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil. People there are as enthusiastic as the weather of 5 degrees South. The houses are printed as a variety of light and bright colors, and distinguish themselves from one another. They have emotions and souls. The sun, the beach, the festa. At that time, I thought that I knew Natal. But afterwards, I realized that I know the whole Brazil.

2018 ZWCAD America Forum1

Houses printed as various colors

I am now at the airport to write this article, preparing to head to this amazing country again for 2018 ZWCAD America Forum, which will be held in Sao Paulo next Thursday. Actually, I have taken countless business trips to Sao Paulo, which always brings a sense of intimacy to me since it is very similar with Guangzhou, the city I work and live in. Similar latitude, similar weather. The tight arrangements during business trips once even made me feel it is as busy as Guangzhou, with everyone hurrying to and fro. But as I slowed down my pace, I was surprised to find that there are people singing, dancing and playing musical instruments everyday in Avenida Paulista.

2018 ZWCAD America Forum

                                          A leisure alley                         Artwork which can be seen everywhere

Graffiti can be seen everywhere in high streets and back lanes, whose colors are as colorful as Brazilian’s romance, optimism and enthusiasm. What touched me most is the inclusiveness of this city. Different colors of skin, different nationalities, same friendly smiles on everyone’s face, which makes the air as sweet as açucar (cane sugar originated in Brazil).

2018 ZWCAD America Forum

2018 ZWCAD America Forum

The graffiti which can be seen everywhere

2018 ZWCAD America Forum

Delicious local dessert Açaí

2018 ZWCAD America Forum

Holiday for all to watch the World Cup

Sunlight, beach, samba, football – my reverie before going to Brazil.

Nice food, nice scenery, nice people, nice mood – endless missing after leaving.

Oh the plane is taking off. See you in Sao Paulo again, my friends!


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  • It’s very interesting article. Brazil is a very beautiful country, the fifth largest country in the world. I am sure that in the future I will visit these wonderful exotic places. I would also like to also see especially beautiful girls.

  • Hey man, I can’t agree with you more! You know, I have been staying Brazil around one month in April this year. You know, after visiting Sao Paulo city, Belo Horizonte, Joinville, Porto Alegre and Pelotas, Brazilians are enthusiasm and really really crazy for football!!! Even kids know a lot about football. I think that’s why Brazil footaball can sweep the world. But those guys in Sao Paulo city always reminded me that we should not go outsides in the night because it is really dangerous. One of our potential partner picked us in the hotel and his car is bulletproof. Wow!