ZW3D 2024: Unify Design, Simulation and Manufacturing to Improve Productivity

ZWSOFT today announced the release of ZW3D 2024, the latest version of its all-in-one 3D CAD/CAE/CAM solution. This release is packed with many new features and enhancements that will help users improve efficiency and complete complex tasks with confidence.

Faster and Smoother

ZW3D 2024 comes with a new render engine that improves the processing efficiency of complex models. With this new engine, users can smoothly rotate, scale, or pan multi-solid, large assemblies, and models with complex toolpaths, so they can edit and view models faster.

New Rendering Engine

Figure 1. New Rendering Engine

Pattern is one of the most common-used features in part design. Compared to ZW3D 2023, generating pattern features is now 80% faster in ZW3D 2024. This allows users to complete pattern-related tasks faster and with more ease.

Extended Capabilities in Design and Machining

In addition to efficiency improvement, this version also extends the capabilities of ZW3D.

ZW3D 2024 extends surface modeling capabilities with the addition of Chordal Fillet and Face Fillet. The master layout added to assembly design links all design phases from top to bottom, improving parametric design.

Chordal Fillet and Face Fillet

Figure 2. Chordal Fillet and Face Fillet

Improvements can be found in the CAM module. In this version, pencil and corner finishing algorithms are optimized to improve recognition accuracy and generate more appropriate toolpaths.

Specialized Solutions for Industrial Equipment

ZW3D offers general-purpose design functions and specialized toolsets for industry-specific solutions. Two new industry-specific modules for structure and harness design have been added in ZW3D 2024, along with an improved piping design module.

The simulation module is also enhanced to optimize product performance in the early design phase and reduce prototype costs. New fatigue and random vibration analysis types have been added to ZW3D 2024.

Fatigue and Random Vibration Analysis

Figure 3. Fatigue and Random Vibration Analysis

With a whole set of specialized design tools and convenient simulation functions, ZW3D can better meet the needs of various industries, especially industrial equipment.

Save 10% on ZW3D Advanced

ZW3D has released a new version, ZW3D Advanced, to fulfill the need for advanced industrial equipment design. This version integrates advanced CAD functions, simulation functions, and specialized modules for structure design, harness design, piping design, and ECAD/MCAD Collaboration.

From May 4 to August 4, you can save 10% on ZW3D Advanced when purchasing it or upgrading to it from ZW3D Standard. Find out more on the ZWSOFT website.

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