15 Top 3D Printing DnD Minis (Free and Downloadable)

For big fans of DnD, collecting miniatures is an essential part of the gaming experience. These figures can bring your imagination to life, letting you visualize your favorite characters and enhance your immersion in the story. However, pre-made DnD miniatures can be expensive and have limited options.

This is where 3D printing comes in handy. You can download free STL files online and then 3D print DnD minis at home! Not only is this method more affordable, but it also grants access to a large library of minis and even creates unique custom pieces that are hard to purchase. Excited to get started? This article will introduce the 15 top 3D printing DnD minis you can make at home! Let’s dive in!

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Best DnD Minis 3D Print Files Recommended


1. Guild Mage

Guild Mage Minis

Calling all Dungeons & Dragons fans! Mages, known for their wisdom and magical prowess, are a powerful force on the battlefield. They can cast spells that can vanquish enemies, heal allies, and manipulate the world around them.

If you are looking for cool things to make on your 3D printer, then this 32mm scale guild mage miniature is a highly favored option. You can easily download both based and un-based versions from Cults 3D to customize your favorite tabletop DnD miniature for 3D printing.


2. Fountain of the Alewife

Fountain of the Alewife

Fountain of the Alewife is a well-crafted 3D printing DnD miniature that is inspired by legends from the Dungeons & Dragons world. This statue depicts Wenta(Alewife) holding a wine jug and standing next to a fountain with water flowing from it, symbolizing a wish for a bountiful harvest.

Standing at 28mm in height, this miniature is very finely detailed. The designer cleverly used multiple fishing lines to simulate the flowing water and stirred epoxy resin to create a realistic ripple effect. Thankfully, the Dutch designer generously shared this DnD 3D print file on Cults 3D for free, enabling DnD enthusiasts to download and print. Why not enhance your DnD adventures with the Fountain of the Alewife?


3. Human Thief

DnD Minis Human Thief

This human thief mini is perfect for your next tabletop adventure. It shows an agile thief in a dynamic pose, ready to strike. The sneaky expression, well-crafted clothing, and various tools and weapons hidden in belts and small bags all contribute to the miniature’s realism.

This 3D-printed DnD mini can be found on Etsy, with two sizes available for you to choose from 28 mm and 32 mm. Additionally, for optimal assembly, the creator suggests using Loctite Super Glue.


4. Merman Warrior

3D Printing Merman Warrior

The mermaid warrior is a popular character in the game “Dungeons & Dragons”. This creature has the lower body of a fish and the upper body of a human, allowing it to move and fight freely in the water. If you are keen on collecting various mermaid warriors with a trident, then this 3D printing DnD miniature will definitely impress you!

Designed by SOLANGAVITZMINIS in Cults 3D, it stands about 43 mm tall with a base diameter of about 1 inch. You can download DnD mini 3d print files containing different bases (with or without seaweed) according to your needs.


5. Spinagon Spined Devil

Spinagon Spined Devil

Spinagon Spined Devils are considered lesser devils in DnD, usually appearing in lower planes such as Nine Hells (also called Baator). They have bat-like wings, a long tail, and sharp claws, giving them a ferocious appearance.

This 3D-printed Spinagon mini has a unique design that highly reproduces the classic image from the game, making it an excellent choice for DnD enthusiasts to collect. Not only can you intuitively experience the visual effects in the game and immerse yourself in the fantasy world, but it also makes a great gift for DnD players.


6. Elven Praetorians Guard from Kingdom of Nela Dan

Elven Praetorians Guard from Kingdom of Nela Dan

As guardians of the Kingdom of Nela Dan, Elven Praetorian Guards not only excel in battles but also boast a rich cultural background and superb tactical skills. This makes them a popular choice for players and collectors seeking to 3D print DnD mini.

If you’re looking for pre-made Elven Praetorians Guard miniatures to enhance your tabletop adventures, designers like Rescale on Etsy offer a viable option starting at $10.58. This 3D-printed Elven Praetorians Guard miniature is made of high-quality UV resin, capturing incredible details. Moreover, to achieve better 3D printing results, it uses a layer height of 0.04mm to ensure a smooth and flawless surface.


7. Epic Skull Cave Entrance

Epic Skull Cave Entrance

In addition to 3D printing DnD notable characters, the impressive Epic Skull Cave Entrance is also one of the most popular options for 3D printing DnD mini. It can serve as a symbolic landmark, enhancing the atmosphere for immersing tabletop adventures. When it comes to how to 3D print DnD minis, you just need to download printable STL files from Cults 3D, and then import them to your 3D printer to start with the process.


8. Beholder

Beholder Minis

A Beholder (also called a sphere of many eyes or an eye tyrant) is one of the most iconic monsters in DnD. This creature typically has a huge spherical body with multiple tentacles growing around it, each capable of emitting a variety of deadly magic rays. Its unique appearance and fearsome abilities make it a popular choice for many players and collectors.

Ready to bring it to life? Now, you can download customizable DnD mini 3D print files on Cults 3D to make realistic Beholder miniatures for display or collection.


9. Flesh Demon

Flesh Demon

Flesh Demons are another iconic demon loved by DnD fans, known for their cruelty and bloodlust nature. In the game, they are often sent to carry out the dirtiest tasks of demon lords. If you want to fully recreate an uphill battle, choosing to 3D print several Flesh Demon minis is a great way. This can enhance your tabletop role-playing game.


10. Paladin Knight

DnD Minis Paladin Knight

Paladin Knight is well-known for its formidable combat prowess and divine power, making it an essential part of any adventure team. It’s no wonder that the Paladin Knight is one of the most beloved characters in DnD. Who wouldn’t say no to a 3D-printed Paladin Knight mini? Now, Cults 3D offers various DnD 3D print files, empowering you to create your own Paladin Knight mini and bring a touch of divine glory to your fantasy adventure.


11. Undead Bone Golem

Undead Bone Golem

Undead Bone Golems serve as loyal servants for mighty wizards or necromancers to execute their commands. These terrifying beings are extremely powerful and difficult to defeat, making them a key element in any adventure or battle.

If you are interested in a 3D printing DnD mini like an undead bone golem, there are many printable files available online. These files are usually provided in STL format, which is compatible with most 3D printers. Let’s explore the options available in Cults 3D!


12. Crystal Set

3D Printing Crystal Set

Want a DnD crystal set with rich details and unique shapes? Pre-made crystal sets can be expensive, and hand-made ones are time-consuming and laborious. Fortunately, 3D printing provides an easy and affordable alternative. Simply download STL files of the crystal set for free on the Cults 3D platform and then print it yourself. This 3D-printed DnD mini consists of three parts: a floating crystal, a portal, and a golem statue.


13. Naga Warriors

Naga Warriors

Facing formidable foes, such as the Naga Warriors, is a common challenge for adventurers. Creating 3D-printed Naga Warrior miniatures can provide players with a better understanding of the battle and the threat posed by these enemies, enabling them to develop effective strategies.

The designer has captured numerous details in this Naga Warriors miniature, including sharp weapons and clear scales, effectively depicting the creature’s formidable power. By now, this 3D printed DnD mini has been downloaded over 3,000 times and has received more than 200 likes. If you’re interested in creating your own Naga Warriors, you might as well give it a try.


14. Fire Elemental

Fire Elemental

A Fire Elemental is usually a tall, humanoid, or semi-humanoid creature with a body burning blazing flames. For D&D enthusiasts, a 3D-printed fire element is not only a tool in the game but also a beautiful collection that can be displayed on the bookshelf, reflecting the players’ love for the game and their interest in 3D printing DnD miniatures.


15. Ice Elemental

3D-Printed Ice Elemental Minis

An Ice Elemental is also a popular choice for 3D printing DnD mini. This powerful creature is made of ice and water, usually depicted as tall and strong, with sharp claws and teeth. Unlike Fire Elemental, Ice Elemental is highly vulnerable to fire and can be easily damaged by flame attacks. If you’ve already 3D printed a Fire Elemental creature, why not consider adding an Ice Element to your collection?


FAQs About 3D Print DnD Minis

Where Can You Download DnD Mini 3D Print Files?

3D printing has made it easier than ever to create personalized DnD miniatures. Here are some platforms that offer a variety of DnD mini 3D print files:

  • Cult3D: This marketplace for 3D printable models offers a vast library of free DnD mini files. With a strong and active community, you can easily find unique DnD Mini 3D printing files.
  • MyMiniFactory: MyMiniFactory is another popular platform where you can find high-quality DnD 3D print files, with both free and paid options available.
  • Etsy: Many creative designers sell their 3D printed files here, including many exquisite DnD miniatures. If you prefer to skip the printing process and purchase ready-made DnD minis, then this is a good choice.
  • Yeggi: With this 3D print file search engine, you can effortlessly find DnD miniatures for 3D printing, across various platforms. It is especially useful for finding a specific model or designer’s work.


What Is the Best 3D Printer for DnD Minis?

When choosing the best 3D printer for DnD mini, it’s important to consider various factors, including 3D printing technology(FDM or SLA), budget, ease of use, and the print size you require.

For beginners who are just starting to try 3D printing DnD minis, cost-effective options such as the Elegoo Mars 3 are a good starting point. It is reasonably priced (less than $150), easy to use, and provides good printing quality. If you prioritize high printing details and fast speed, you can consider the Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K, which can provide higher print quality and speed.

Additionally, For the best quality DnD minis, a professional-level 3D printer such as the Formlabs Form 3+ is an option, but the price will be much higher. Please choose the best option that suits your needs and budget!



3D printing technology opens up a world of possibilities to DnD miniature collectors, enabling anyone to easily create custom miniatures. This article introduces 15 top 3D printing DnD minis, which are free and downloadable. Whether you are an experienced 3D printing enthusiast or a beginner who is just getting started, you can download these DnD mini 3D print files to create unique characters and scenes for your DnD adventures, enhancing your gaming experience.