20 Fun and Cool Things to Make on a 3D Printer for 2024

3D printing technology is like magic that can easily turn the digital world into reality. Whether a DIY hobbyist or a professional, you can easily make various things with 3D printers, from practical household items to stunning, high-precision prototypes, without any hassle. Moreover, as technology advances, the cost of 3D printers has been gradually decreasing. This makes it more accessible for more people to bring their ideas to life at home.

If you have already bought a 3D printer and are ready to start your creative journey, this article will inspire you. Here’s a list of 20 fun and cool things to make on a 3D printer, taking you to explore the fantasy world of 3D printing in depth. Let’s get started!

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Cool Things to Make on 3D Printer



1. Warning Signs

Warning Signs on a Table

One of the easy things to make on a 3D printer can be warning signs. Compared to the traditional workflow, 3D printing technology allows for the easy production of warning signs in various shapes, sizes, and materials, which can help to reduce production costs and meet diverse needs.

This 3D printing file from Printables includes 80 commonly used ISO 7010 warning signs, covering common types of dangers, such as electric shock, fire, chemicals, falls, etc. These signs can be widely used in factories, construction sites, schools, hospitals, and other places to effectively remind people to pay attention to potential dangers and prevent accidents.

Designer: Drunken Monkey

Get the File to Print: Printables


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2. Drone Master Helmet

Drone Master Helmet to Make on a 3D Printer

Gamers can find a variety of cool things to make on a 3D printer, with one of the most exciting being the Drone Master Helmet. Calling all “HELLDIVERS 2” fans! You can download pre-made STL model files from Thingiverse, and then customize and adjust the size for a perfect fit. This lets you bring the virtual world to life and create a truly unique cosplay piece.

Designer: SaltyFennel

Get the File to Print: Thingiverse


3. Motorcycle Helmet Holder

Motorcycle Helmet Holder on the Wall

A 3D-printed motorcycle helmet holder provides a safe and reliable space to keep your helmet clean and tidy. Not only functional, it also serves as a stylish decoration for your home or garage. Thanks to 3D printing, you can customize the shape and size of the helmet holder to perfectly fit your helmet and storage space. If you’re seeking practical and cool things to make on a 3D printer, a motorcycle helmet holder is the perfect choice!

Designer: francath72

Get the File to Print: Thingiverse


4. B01-Tactical armor

3D Print B01-Tactical armor

This is a 3D printable STL file of the B-01 tactical armor from the game Helldivers 2. This basic armor balances performance, such as protection, speed, and endurance recovery, making it a commonly used option for novice players. A 3D-printed B-01 tactical armor is not only a unique display piece but also a great conversation starter with other gamers.

Designer: CHCH1818

Get the File to Print: Thingiverse


5. DnD Miniatures

3D Printed DnD Miniatures

One popular option is to 3D print a DnD miniature. For example, you could create one of a female Tiefling monk. With a 3D printer, you can easily create your own DnD miniatures, saving money compared to buying pre-made ones. If you are looking for ideas for 3D-printed DnD miniatures, you can explore 3D models from popular DnD artists on platforms like Printables.

Designer: JES086

Get the File to Print: Printables


6. Bender Bending Rodríguez

3D Printed Bender Bending Rodríguez

Remember Bender Bending Rodríguez, the robot in Future World who liked to say “Bite my shiny metal ass!”? This quirky and hilarious robot character won the hearts of countless audiences with his sarcastic humor and unique charm. Now, you can also have your own Bender through 3D printing technology. It is probably one of the fun things to make on a 3D printer. This model consists of 25 parts, so it may take you some time to assemble it.

Designer:  Mr_Kes

Get the File to Print: Thingiverse


7. Kikoru Shinomiya’s Axe

3D Printed Kikoru Shinomiya's Axe

What are the cool things to make on a 3D printer? Kikoru Shinomiya’s axe from Kaiju No.8! The original giant axe is 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide, but you can download a split version with each piece being around 9 inches, making it easier to print. To assemble the final axe, it is recommended to use adhesives like e600 or jbweld.

Beyond this, 3D printing can offer reasonable-priced solutions to create amazing costumes and accessories. Imagine making your own custom armor, shields, or weapons to bring your character to life!

Designer: ReProps

Get the File to Print: Thingiverse


8. Oddish

3D Printed Oddish

If you are looking for a cute and unique gift for a Pokémon fan’s birthday, then this 3D-printed Oddish is the perfect choice! Oddish is the grass/poison-type Pokémon introduced in the Pocket Monsters Red and Green Series. It’s a spherical creature with a dark blue body, red eyes, and five leaves. Although its attack power and speed are relatively low, its adorable appearance and unique dual typing make it one of the most popular Pokémon.

Designer: Entroisdimensions_figurine

Get the File to Print: Thingiverse


9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

3D Printed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, beloved by fans worldwide since the 90s, can now be brought to life with 3D printing technology. This is a dream come true for anyone who loves the Turtles and their adventures. You can even recreate iconic scenes from the movies! If you’re interested, go download the STL file of the turtles from Thingiverse for 3D printing.

Designer: mcka3ax40

Get the File to Print: Thingiverse


10. Batman Headset Stand

3D Printed Batman Headset Stand

For gamers and music lovers, headphone stands are one of the most popular things to make on a 3D printer. This Batman headphone stand not only looks cool and serves as a decorative item, but it also perfectly keeps your headphones so you can easily access them when you need them. This small idea can bring you a big improvement in convenience.

Designer: Fasya Daud

Get the File to Print: MyMiniFactory


11. Tower

3D Printed Tower

How about the Black Tower from The Lord of the Rings? 3D printing technology can make complex models with high precision, which means you can 3D print a Black Tower that looks just like the one in the movies. Every detail, from the rough stone walls to the spire at the top, can be perfectly captured. Not only that, you can also customize the details by adding glowing eyes and flames to make a realistic and detailed Black Tower model.

Designer: Jukka Seppänen

Get the File to Print: MyMiniFactory


12. Exoskeleton Hands

3D Printed Exoskeleton Hands

Exoskeleton hands are one of the best things to make on a 3D printer. This wearable mechanical device can boost the user’s hand strength and dexterity, widely used in medical rehabilitation, industrial settings, and even virtual reality fields. They are composed of components such as joints, tendons, and drive systems, which can simulate human hand movements and provide additional strength and endurance. Just imagine, with 3D-printed exoskeleton hands, you could easily lift heavy objects and do things that you couldn’t do before.

Designer: Alexander Czech

Get the File to Print: MyMiniFactory


13. RC Car

3D Printed RC Car

Aside from creating practical items, it’s also common to make fun things like a 3D-printed RC car. You can design the model, color, pattern, and even add some personalized elements according to your own ideas, to make your RC car unique. However, keep in mind that assembling the RC car may require some patience, as it consists of many parts and has a complex structure, which can take some time to put together.

Designer: FyTOWLab

Get the File to Print: Printables


14. Fidget Heart Puzzle

3D Print Fidget Heart Puzzle

In the list of fun and cool things to make on a 3D printer, a fidget heart puzzle is one of them. This toy is made up of multiple interlocking parts that come together to form a complete heart. When your children can’t stay still, try this puzzle idea for 3D printing. It not only helps children develop their hand-eye coordination and logical thinking, but also cultivates their patience and concentration.

Designer: Kirillka95

Get the File to Print: Thingiverse

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15. Woven Easter Basket

3D Printed Woven Easter Basket

When your kids collect lots of eggs, candies, and other small gifts during Easter activities, they may struggle without sufficient storage. Here comes a solution – 3D print a unique, big basket. This woven Easter basket with a movable handle is perfect for you. It has a large capacity and can easily hold 18 to 24 eggs.

Designer: JamesThePrinter

Get the File to Print: Printables


16. The Triple Toggle Fidget Toy

3D Printed Triple Toggle Fidget Toy

Not all 3D printing ideas need to have a clear goal. Sometimes we just want to try something cool purely for fun. This triple toggle fidget toy is one such 3D printing idea. It is inspired by old-fashioned cassette players, where pressing one playback control button would pop another out. For a better rebound effect, PETG filament is recommended. PLA filament might not fully rebound if pressed for too long.

Designer: Ben Brandt

Get the File to Print: Printables


17. Lego Evolution Wall Art

3D Printed Lego Evolution Wall Art

3D printing technology simplifies the home decoration process. If you or a family member are a Lego fan, 3D-printed Lego Evolution wall art is a great choice. This artwork is not only fun and creative but also adds a unique decorative style to your home.

Designer: Ninomalbinho

Get the File to Print: Printables


18. 3D Shoes

3D Printed 3D Shoes

3D-printed shoes have become a fashion trend nowadays. With powerful 3D printing technology, designers can surpass the constraints of traditional shoemaking and freely create ergonomic shoes that have intricate structures and boast unique shapes. If you’re preparing for a party, consider this beautiful and eye-catching T-shaped stiletto heel that can be one of the cool things to make on a 3D printer.

Designer: Michele Badia

Get the File to Print: 3D Shoes


19. Planter Pot

3D Printed Planter Pot

If you’re looking for useful things to make on a 3D printer, this planter pot with drainage tray and stand is a great choice. Download the STL file to customize the product to match your house’s color scheme and interior design. Even better, you can adjust the size, shape, and drainage system of the planter according to your plant’s needs to ensure proper moisture and avoid overwatering. With its modern and unique design, this planter pot is ideal for indoor decoration.

Designer: Terra de Verdant

Get the File to Print: Printables


20. Panda Lying Down

3D Printed Lying Down Panda

Are you a big fan of pandas? Imagine a cute panda lying lazily on your desk. What a lovely and healing picture that would be! 3D printing makes this idea a reality. Not only can you customize its color, size, and post according to your preferences, but you can also download the STL file with a built-in keychain hole so that you can carry your panda pal with you. Come and try it out!

Designer: Biocraftlab

Get the File to Print: Printables



This article explores 20 fun and cool things to make on a 3D printer in 2024. From practical household items to personalized accessories, novel toys, and practical tools, 3D printers offer endless possibilities. This list is just a glimpse of what 3D printers can make. As 3D printing develops, we can expect more incredible printing ideas in the future. If you’re intrigued by 3D printing, why not get a 3D printer and embark on your creative journey?