Elevate 3D Design Experience with Enhanced 3D Module in ZWCAD 2025

In today’s rapidly evolving design industry, the demand for software with 3D viewing and modeling capabilities is greater than ever. ZWCAD 2025 has made comprehensive upgrades to deliver users an unparalleled 3D design experience. Let’s dive into the new features and enhancements in the 3D module of ZWCAD 2025.

Efficiency Improvement

The ability of software to efficiently handle large 3D models is crucial for industries like plant design and aluminum formwork design. ZWCAD 2025 has optimized the efficiency of 3D model viewing, bringing users a faster and smoother experience.

Compared to the previous version, ZWCAD 2025 has made a remarkable 62.8% increase in the efficiency of opening 3D model drawings and a 34.4% increase in the efficiency of viewing 3D models. It can smoothly perform operations on 3D models, including open, pan, zoom, and 3D orbit, so you can view them without any lagging.

Pan Zoom Scale Model ZWCAD 2025
Figure 1. Pan, zoom and scale a model in ZWCAD 2025

Additionally, you can use the navigation functions such as Fly and Walk for a more immersive experience. With the efficiency improvement, these functions allow you to smoothly explore every detail of your 3D model.

Navigate Walk Mode ZWCAD 2025
Figure 2. Navigate in Walk mode

Visual Style

To meet diverse needs for model observation and output, ZWCAD added 4 visual styles to the latest version:

  • Realistic: Displays 3D models with smooth shading and materials, allowing you to visualize your design in real time and export realistic rendering results.
  • Conceptual: Displays 3D models with smooth shading and Gooch face style, offering a deeper look into the model details and components.
  • Shades of Gray: Displays 3D models with smooth shading and monochromatic shades of gray to improve rendering efficiency without compromising on clarity.
  • X-Ray: Displays 3D models with partial transparency, allowing you to see through their internal model structures.
  • Additionally, ZWCAD 2025 has optimized the display quality of existing visual styles including Wireframe, Hidden, Shaded, and Shaded with Edges to enhance your overall visual experience.
New Visual Styles ZWCAD 2025
Figure 3. New Visual Styles

3D Modeling Workspace

ZWCAD 2025 has introduced a dedicated 3D modeling workspace to create a more focused 3D modeling working environment. This workspace has integrated common commands for 3D modeling, so you can access them easily and create 3D models more efficiently.

3D Modeling Workspace ZWCAD 2025
Figure 4. 3D modeling workspace

STEP File Import

The STEP file format is commonly used in the machinery industry for data exchange between different applications to ensure efficient collaboration among all parties involved. ZWCAD 2025 supports the STEP file import to eliminate the hassle of data conversion and ensure data integrity.

For example, upstream design departments will export STEP files after they complete the part design. With the support for STEP file import, downstream manufacturers and foundries can import them into ZWCAD easily for part assembly. Part structures are retained after import to facilitate modification and ensure a smooth production process.

ZWCAD 2025 now can import AP203 and AP214 STEP formats, while allowing you to specify insert locations, import methods, and display settings to simplify workflows.

Import STEP File ZWCAD 2025
Figure 5. Import a STEP file

3D Gizmos

To further elevate your 3D design experience, we’ve introduced 3D gizmos in ZWCAD 2025, which are particularly useful for fine-tuning models in part assembly. When you switch to a 3D view in ZWCAD, you can move, rotate, or scale a set of objects along a 3D axis or plane respectively. Beyond that, we’ve also added the Transform gizmo that lets you switch between move, rotate and scale more conveniently. These features enable real-time, precise adjustments to your 3D models, significantly boosting work efficiency.

3D Gizmos ZWCAD 2025
Figure 6. 3D Gizmos

In conclusion, the release of ZWCAD 2025 marked a significant milestone for ZWCAD’s 3D functionality. Want to learn more about these enhancements? Watch our tutorial videos for more insight!

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