Voice-Activated CAD: A New Era in Design with ZWCAD Smart Voice

Say hello to ZWCAD Smart Voice, the intelligent feature of ZWCAD that revolutionizes the design workflow. With its advanced voice recognition capabilities, it transforms the way designers interact with their projects. Forget about traditional inputs and embrace a faster, more interactive, and personalized design experience. As a user, I can attest to the game-changing benefits of ZWCAD Smart Voice. It offers seamless navigation, lightning-fast command execution, and even allows you to create voice notes as comment mark suggestions in your drawings, taking productivity to new heights and enabling intelligent interaction.

Smart Voice Add Notes

Control your voice notes with Smart Voice Manager

Discover the power of Smart Voice Manager, the solution for voice note control and organization. Say goodbye to manual reminders, as this innovative tool allows you to easily find the total number of voice notes, their length, insertion type, and creation date.

Smart Voice Manager

Why ZWCAD Smart Voice

ZWCAD Smart Voice excels in scenarios such as conceptual design, where rapid exploration of multiple concepts is required. It also facilitates collaboration and presentation, enabling real-time modifications and enhancing client engagement. Moreover, ZWCAD Smart Voice is valuable in situations that demand hands-free operation, such as construction sites, and for convincing authorities and gaining smooth drawing approval.

Where to use ZWCAD Smart Voice

The most prominent thing about ZWCAD Smart Voice is that it allows multiple personalities to record voice notes over the drawing. This means that the receiver can easily understand who is leading the mark suggestion by hearing the person’s name on the recording. Additionally, its voice translation function enables users to access their marks in their own language.

Smart Voice Location

Key Features

  1. Smooth conversation: Streamlined workflows and improved the smoothness of conversations with voice notes.
  2. Natural expression: Facilitates seamless expression and provide natural convention over the area of concern in the drawing.
  3. Improved Accessibility: Enables hands-free and sketch-free operation without affecting your drawing.
  4. Voice translation: Provides smart voice capabilities for real-time and accurate translations of spoken words and phrases across different language.

ZWCAD Smart Voice

Method to use ZWCAD Smart Voice

Here is the step by step method to use ZWCAD Smart Voice:

  1.   Activate the Smart Select tool by typing ‘SMARTVOICE’ in the command line.
  2.   A dialog box will open with a list of options to select from.
  3.   In the Smart Voice dialog box, choose the desired smart voice typy from the available options.
  4.   As you make the selection, ZWCAD will automatically detect and highlight the objects with selected numbers found at a time.
  5.   Once you have made your desired selection, you can manipulate the selected objects according to your requirements.

Specify Smart Voice TypeSmart Voice Language Setting


ZWCAD Smart Voice is a superior tool due to its ability to involve multiple individuals and eliminate the need for manual markings in drawings, such as revision clouds, and so on.