Get Ready for Innovation: ZW3D 2025 Pre-Launch Unveiling!

ZWSOFT, a reliable all-in-one CAx solutions provider, proudly announces the beta of ZW3D 2025, the latest iteration of its cutting-edge 3D design solution. Designed to streamline the entire product development process, ZW3D 2025 comes with unparalleled enhancements in operation efficiency and precision, empowering users to bring their creative visions to life with ease.


Boosted Efficiency

• Advanced Pattern Features: A 30% boost in pattern feature execution efficiency, empowering smoother design workflows.

• Streamlined Large Assembly Handling: Large assembly efficiency boosted by over 50%, enhancing frequent operations like insertion, constraint, pattern, move and zoom, etc.

• Elevated 2D Drawing Projection: New discrete projection technology for engineering drawings, with over 90% faster projection speeds for large files.


New Features

• Seamless Parameter Conversion: Experience worry-free data transition and sharing with seamless parameter conversion, compatible with leading solution providers.

• New Assembly Animation: Unlock efficient global keyframe management with the new timeline feature in the assembly animation module, offering seamless editing and real-time previews.

• New Motion Simulation Module: Streamlined creation of motion mechanisms facilitates dynamic interference checking, trajectory simulation, and generation of motion data tables with efficiency.


Key Enhancements

• Intuitive Assembly Link Tree: Visualize assembly relationships through a networked tree structure, with four query modes for swift scope locking and clear file reference.

• Optimized Material and Appearance Libraries: Efficiently manage and reuse materials and appearances across the platform, reducing repetitive material definitions.

• Improved Processing Strategies: Experience more precise commands for corner finishing and rest roughing, enhancing overall processing efficiency.


What to expect for ZW3D 2025

Unlock a wealth of new features and enhancements waiting to be discovered. Explore What’s New in ZW3D 2025 now.

ZW3D 2025 Beta Released


Get Started Today

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Pre-Launch Promotion Now Live

• Secure ZW3D 2025 Upgrade at No Cost 

From April 16 to June 4, customers who purchase or upgrade to ZW3D 2024 will receive a free upgrade to ZW3D 2025 upon its official launch.

• Special Offer for New Purchase: Extra Free ZWCAD Home Licenses!

From April 16 to June 4, customers who purchase ZW3D 2024 will receive free ZWCAD Home Licenses equivalent to their purchase quantity. Options are offered with ZWCAD or ZWCAD MFG, with free periods ranging from 3 to 12 months. Terms vary by region. The applicable policies will be communicated accordingly.