Boost Efficiency and Optimize CAD Performance with Bulk Purge Add-On

Bulk Purge is a powerful Add-On tool for ZWCAD that streamlines the process of purging unused objects in multiple drawing files. Built upon the foundation of the native ‘Purge’ tool, this enhanced tool provides users with a more efficient and comprehensive approach to eliminating redundant elements. Overall, Bulk Purge is an indispensable tool for ZWCAD users who work with multiple drawing files and seek to optimize their workflow. By simplifying the purging process and delivering efficient results, it empowers users to focus on their design tasks while maintaining clean & optimized drawing files.

ZWCAD Purge Entire Folder

Why ZWCAD Bulk Purge

Bulk purge eliminates the need for manual purging, saving valuable time. Improved drawing quality: By removing unused objects, it helps maintain a clean and organized drawing environment. Streamlined workflows: Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls simplify the cleanup process.

Where to use ZWCAD Bulk Purge

Bulk Purge is a versatile Add-On that can be used in ZWCAD to clean up drawing files by removing unused objects. It is beneficial for large-scale projects, collaboration, file sharing, archiving, project handover, and routine maintenance. It optimizes performance and helps maintain a clean drawing environment.

Key Features

  1. Multi-file purging: It simultaneously removes unused objects from multiple drawing files.
  2. Seamless integration: The intuitive interface and controls are integrated with ZWCAD for a smooth user experience.
  3. Performance optimization: It improves drawing performance by eliminating unused objects, resulting in better efficiency.
  4. Enhanced drawing quality: It helps maintain a clean and organized drawing environment, ensuring a high-quality output.
  5. Switch version: Allows users to optimize CAD drawing files by purging either the newer/older or the original version.

ZWCAD Bulk Purge

Method to use ZWCAD Add-On Bulk Purge

Here is the step-by-step method to use ZWCAD Add-on Bulk Purge:

  1. Apply the command ‘BULKPURGE’.
  2. Add drawing files or add folder from the dialog box.
  3. Check box the sub directory to locate the purge results if required.
  4. Click on ‘Select All’ and then purge & the status will show purge success.

ZWCAD DWG Files Batch Purge


Bulk Purge is a time saving Add-On in ZWCAD that removes unused objects, improving efficiency and maintaining clean drawing environment.