ZWCAD 2025: The CAD That Helps You Work Better and Faster!

With the release of ZWCAD 2025, Martín Cipoletta, couldn’t wait to dive in and explore its new features. Martín, known for his YouTube channel in Spanish where he helps professionals in architecture, design, and engineering accelerate their drawing processes, provides a detailed review of the latest advancements. His channel teaches users how to efficiently use CAD programs from beginner to advanced levels.

In his latest review video, he highlights the cutting-edge advancements and groundbreaking new tools in ZWCAD 2025 that promise to elevate users’ CAD experience. Let’s take a closer look at the key features and improvements Martín highlighted in ZWCAD 2025.

Effortless Transition From Previous Version

One of the standout features of ZWCAD 2025 is the seamless transition from the previous version. When installing the new version, users can effortlessly import all their previous configurations, including templates and layout files. This feature ensures a smooth shift without the hassle of reconfiguring settings, allowing users to dive right into their work and save much time without adjusting to a new interface or resetting preferences.

ZWCAD 2025 Overview Martin Cipoletta

Enhanced Ribbon For Improved User Experience

The redesigned ribbon in ZWCAD 2025 displays all tools, making it easier for users to find and use them efficiently. The organized ribbon interface ensures that even new users can quickly become proficient, while seasoned professionals will appreciate the streamlined workflow.

Tools all shown Ribbon ZWCAD 2025
Tools are all shown in the ribbon of ZWCAD 2025

Additionally, the streamlined process for annotations and layer management in ZWCAD 2025 allows users to change text or dimension styles directly from the ribbon without navigating through multiple tabs. The layer states manager and other icons have been repositioned for better accessibility, ensuring that all elements are easily accessible and adjustable for users. This is particularly beneficial for complex projects that require meticulous organization and precision.

Floating Windows To Greatly Enhance Usability

A major enhancement in ZWCAD 2025 is the ability to create floating windows. Users can drag and drop tool panels, such as “draw” and “modify,” to have them float independently. This feature is particularly beneficial for those working on small screens, providing more space for drawing and reducing screen clutter. Users can also combine multiple panels for a more organized workspace. This flexibility allows for a more personalized workspace, catering to individual workflow preferences. By minimizing screen clutter, users can focus more on their design tasks, leading to increased efficiency and better project outcomes.

Easy Floating Windows ZWCAD 2025
Easy-to-use floating windows in ZWCAD 2025

Operating Drawings In Two Screens To Boost Efficiency Of Multitasking

ZWCAD 2025 has introduced a dual-screen functionality, which allows users to drag drawings to different screens. This feature is invaluable for multitasking, such as comparing data or transferring elements between drawings.

ZWCAD 2025 Drawings Open Two Screens
ZWCAD 2025 supports drawings open in two screens

Additionaly, there is a transparency option to let users view two drawings simultaneously without interference, enhancing the efficiency of dual-screen setups. This functionality is particularly useful for professionals who need to reference multiple documents or drawings at once, allowing them to work more cohesively and accurately.

Powerful Help Center to Solve Your Issues Quickly

ZWCAD 2025’s help center is a powerful resource often uraderutilized. Users can search for commands and related variables with ease. The help centersupports multiple languages and provides comprehensive information on commands, systerm variables, and express tools.

Help Center for ZWCAD 2025 in Spanish
Help Center for ZWCAD 2025 in Spanish

The comprehensive online help system is crucial for maximizing productivity and quickly finding necessary information. Its intuitive design ensures that users at all levels can easily navigate and find term explanation, reducing downtime and improving overall efficiency. By leveraging this resource, users can resolve issues independently, fostering a more efficient and self-reliant work environment.

New Image Vectorization to Recover Your Old Images into Editable One

A notable addition in ZWCAD 2025 is the image vectorization tool. This feature converts scanned images into editable vectors. Users can vectorize old contour lines, making them usable in modern designs. By converting scanned images into editable vectors, users can bring legacy data into modern projects, ensuring continuity and precision. This capability is especially useful for enhancing the accuracy of architectural drawings and other projects.

Image Vectorization in ZWCAD 2025
Image vectorization has been introduced into ZWCAD 2025

3D Modeling Enhancements

The 3D modeling capabilities in ZWCAD 2025 have been significantly upgraded. The new 3D modeling ribbon includes all necessary tools for efficient 3D work. The enhanced gizmo tool facilitates easy rotation, scaling, and movement of objects, making 3D modeling faster and more efficient. ZWCAD 2025 also supports Step files, which load quickly for smooth operation. New visual styles, such as shading, further improve the clarity of 3D models.

3D Modeling Capabilities Enhanced in ZWCAD 2025
3D modeling capabilities are greatly enhanced in ZWCAD 2025

PDF Import and Export Improvements

ZWCAD 2025 has made significant strides in PDF import and export features. The new version produces smaller file sizes when printing plans. The import process is faster, and imported PDFs are converted into editable ZWCAD lines. This feature simplifies the transfer of data from PDFs to ZWCAD, enhancing productivity and accuracy.

GIS and Point Cloud Enhancements

Last but not least, ZWCAD 2025 has enhanced georeferencing capabilities. Users can add maps directly into their projects and align coordinates accurately. The software integrates seamlessly with Bing maps, allowing users to edit locations and adjust coordinates for precise mapping.

Maps Inserted quickly and accurately ZWCAD 2025
Maps can be inserted quickly and accurately in ZWCAD 2025

What’s more, point cloud handling has also been improved, with faster reading and movement, making it easier to manage large datasets. These enhancements ensure that projects requiring geographical accuracy can be executed with greater precision, allowing for detailed site analysis and integration, providing valuable data for decision-making in complex projects.


Martín Cipoletta’s review underscores the numerous enhancements in ZWCAD 2025 that boost speed, usability, and efficiency. From floating windows and a robust help system to advanced 3D modeling tools and improved PDF handling, ZWCAD 2025 is designed to meet the needs of industry professionals.

Now download the free 30-day trial  today and experience the powerful features of ZWCAD 2025.