20 3D Printed Puzzle Designs for Everyone: Captivating & Fun

As more and more innovative design ideas can be turned into physical objects with 3D printers, 3D printed puzzles are also gradually demonstrating a new era of creativity and precision. The appeal of puzzles lies in their versatility as a tool for entertainment, education, and cognitive development.

With 3D modeling and printing, you can create intricate and personalized puzzles with unmatched accuracy and customization that give innovative designs to life, catering to enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. The fusion of traditional puzzle-solving with cutting-edge 3D modeling and printing opens up endless possibilities, making 3D printed puzzles a captivating and fun experience for everyone. Here, let’s have a look at those impressive 3D puzzles.

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Best 3D Printed Puzzles Recommended


1. Panda

Black And White Panda Puzzle

Pandas are adorable 3D printed puzzles for adults and kids. These slightly clumsy animals are cute for watching, making them the perfect choice for the 3D puzzle creation, suitable as gifts and decorations.

The designer did this using an Ultimaker 2+ printer, FDM technology, and material PLA to create a charming panda puzzle scaled down to 80%, utilizing 10% infill. This puzzle is both simple in complexity and aesthetically pleasing and got 2,309 downloads.

Where to Download: MyMiniFactory 3D Panda Puzzle


Note: If you are a big fan of Panda, you can find many other Panda 3d printable puzzles from many STL file websites.


2. Gift Card


3D printed gift card puzzles, like this Valentine’s gift card, offer a unique and personalized way to present a gift to loved ones. These puzzles add an element of surprise and engagement, as the recipient must solve the puzzle to reveal the card. It can be a decent gift because it offers a fun and interactive experience, making it more memorable.

Created using PLA material, the puzzles are eco-friendly, durable, and safe. With a thickness of just 2mm, the total weight of the puzzle is 15 grams, sleek yet sturdy. The designer used a Prusa MK3/S/S+ printer, and the intricate design possibilities of 3D printing allow customization to suit any occasion, making these puzzles an excellent choice for special gifts.

Where to Download: Printables Valentine Jigsaw


3. Gordian’s Knot

Gordian's Knot Puzzle

The Gordian’s Knot is a classic puzzle game inspired by an ancient Greek myth. Its popularity stems from its intricate design and challenging characteristics. This 3D printed version can be used as an engaging brain teaser, a unique decorative piece, or an intriguing gift.

With 20,352 views and 2,794 downloads, this puzzle is viral. The material quantity is approximately 80g / 50g for the entire puzzle. It is composed of 18 individual parts, and this puzzle is quite difficult to solve. If you find yourself stuck, no worries, there are many tutorial videos on YouTube to guide you through the solution.

Where to Download: MyMiniFactory Gordian’s Knot 3D Puzzle


4. The Earth


The Earth puzzle offers a unique way of entertainment and education, allowing your kids to explore the planet’s geography in a hands-on way and serve as a decoration on a desk. Priced at $12.95, this design provides excellent value for its quality and craftsmanship.

With 240 intricately designed pieces based on actual elevation data, land, and seafloor, it is printed by Ender 3 printer and comes pre-arranged on four standard-sized build plates. It fits any 200x200mm build plate, even with a brim. While the print time may span several days due to its complexity, the result is well worth the effort. It is challenging yet fun to assemble, providing hours of enjoyment. Each piece is labeled with a number on the back to assist when you assemble, ensuring a smooth and engaging experience.

Where to Download: MyMiniFactory the Earth Puzzle


5. Sliding Puzzle Pen


This innovative design allows you to play with the puzzle by sliding the sliders and revolving the cylinders, making it a great distraction during boring classes or meetings. It can be solved in two ways: by arranging the sliders in a linear pattern or a circular pattern. For a more visually appealing result, it’s recommended to print each group of sliders in different colors, but using a single color is also feasible by following the line numbers on each slider.

Its layer height is 0.1 mm, and the total weight is only 60-70 grams. This puzzle pen is not only a fun and challenging toy but also a practical writing instrument. It is designed to hold a Parker pen refill and a pen spring, making it both beautiful and functional.

Where to Download: MyMiniFactory Sliding Puzzle Pen


6. Mount Fuji

Blue And Green Mount Fuji Puzzle

The Mount Fuji puzzle is composed of a 150-piece jigsaw that beautifully captures the iconic Fujiyama volcano and its surrounding terrain in Japan. It is ideal for puzzle enthusiasts and Japan lovers alike, making it a perfect decorative piece once assembled.

Designed with simplicity, this puzzle does not require a Multi-Material Upgrade (MMU). It involves two easy color changes: switch from blue to green at 4mm to represent the sea level and from green to white at 18mm for the snow line. It is both a fun and educational tool, enhancing spatial awareness and puzzle skills while celebrating the natural beauty of Japan.

Where to Download: Mount Fuji from Printables


7. 4×4 Cube Puzzle

Cube Puzzle

The Treasure Chest Puzzle Box is a delightful 4×4 3D printed puzzle box composed of 16 pieces. It is designed to be an easy but engaging challenge with entertainment for everyone, but it especially helps kids develop problem-solving skills. It enhances manipulative ability as they move each piece and develop cognitive minds by challenging their critical thinking and reasoning abilities.

Two versions are available: the original 16 pieces (printed in 1 STL) and a version with double spacing between pieces for added difficulty.

Where to Download: Printables Cube Puzzle


8. Treasure Chest Puzzle Box

Treasure Chest Puzzle Box

Puzzle boxes are hard to open with special procedures. The box can be used as an engaging toy for kids or a functional storage solution, providing both entertainment and practical benefits.

This is a remix puzzle box that can be printed without the need for additional support structures, which makes the printing process simpler and more efficient. Made of PLA material, it has a total weight of 27g and is printed using a Prusa MINI/MINI+ printer with a layer height of 0.2mm. Actually, it is already refined with the left and right latches, but you can also find the original version on the designer’s page.

Where to Download: Treasure Chest Puzzle Box on Printables


9. Side Slide Puzzle

Side Slide Puzzle

Different from the other puzzles, this side slide puzzle is a challenging brain teaser where pieces can only be inserted from the sides, not from the top. This unique design forces you to think creatively and strategically.

Printed with a layer thickness of 200 microns and 33% infill, it is 35 grams in weight, with dimensions of 71mm x 71mm x 15mm. The puzzle is compact and portable, perfect for on-the-go entertainment. If you find it difficult to solve, simply open the frame and try again.

Where to Download: Side Slide Puzzle from MyMiniFactory


10. Igloo

White Igloo Shape Puzzle

The Igloo Puzzle is a charming and educational 3D puzzle designed to resemble a traditional igloo. It offers a delightful game that promotes thinking minds for children.

Although it is simple and easy, the initial pieces of each layer can be tricky to hold in place for individual babies, so pairing the second and third layers’ pieces can make the puzzle more toddler-friendly with your help. For older kids, you can just let them do it alone.

Where to Download: Igloo Puzzle from MyMiniFactory


11. Ducky

Yellow Ducky Puzzle

Kids love duckies. This ducky puzzle is considered a really adorable one for those animal-lover children. Choosing a duck as the puzzle subject adds an element of familiarity to the animal that serves as a cognitive education and joy, making it an attractive choice for both toddlers and older kids. It consists of 21 pieces, is priced at $2.50, and does not require support material for printing. Simple and easy.

Where to Download: MyMiniFactory Ducky Puzzle


12. Pyramid

Pyramid Puzzle

Do you love the Secret Pyramid? This pyramid puzzle, inspired by Devin Montes’ puzzle cube, features 27 pieces that assemble into a model of the Kukulkan temple from the Mayan culture in Chichen Itza. It is suitable for older kids as well and serves as an educational tool that manipulates skills and cognitive development. While simple in design, the increased number of pieces adds a challenging and time-consuming aspect.

Where to Download: MyMiniFactory Pyramid Puzzle


13. Tigger

Cute Tigger Puzzle

This Tigger puzzle is a delightful 3D printed puzzle for children and Tigger enthusiasts, perfect for playtime and learning, making it a great addition to anyone’s collection. It’s a reliable and enjoyable project for children, encouraging cognitive development and offering a rewarding hands-on experience.

Measuring 250x165mm with a 4mm extruded Tigger shape and a 255x170mm base, it involves more than one type of printed file, including f3d, 3mf, and STL files, and can also be used as decoration. The puzzle’s simplicity makes it easy to color and personalize, adding a unique touch to each piece.

Where to Download: Tigger Puzzle from Printables


14. Archimedes’ Labyrinth

Archimedes Labyrinth Puzzle

Do you have a passion for mathematics and geometry? Archimedes’ Labyrinth is a 3D printable puzzle inspired by Archimedes’ mathematical brilliance. It intricately combines geometric shapes, optical illusions, and interlocking parts, offering a captivating and hands-on exploration of mathematical principles. You can use it as a captivating display piece and a stimulating brain teaser for classrooms, maker spaces, or personal collections.

The puzzle’s complexity levels cater to both novice and experienced enthusiasts. It can be customized in terms of materials, colors, and scale, providing a personalized touch.

Where to Download: Printables Archimedes’ Labyrinth Puzzle


15. The Black Stallion

Black Stallion Puzzle

This black stallion puzzle is a 25-piece child’s jigsaw puzzle featuring a dark stallion against a dark background. Crafted as a .3mf file optimized for Bambu printers, this puzzle employs black, gray, and white filaments, ensuring high-quality prints with a 0.2-layer height, 3 walls, and 5% infill. Once completed, it resembles a captivating painting, suitable for both children’s cognitive development and decorative purposes.

Where to Download: The Black Stallion from Printables


16. Checkerboard

Checkerboard Puzzle

If you are looking for challenging puzzles for yourself or kids with fashionable patterns? This one could be a good option. The checkerboard puzzle is a popular puzzle that many companies produce but under different names like All Square Novelty Puzzle”, “Check-A-Board”, etc.

It is printed at 0.1 mm layer height PLA, which is quite elaborate. Also, there is a 13-piece version and a tray for the 8×8 checkerboard is provided. It requires players to fit the 12 pieces together to form an 8×8 checkerboard with the correct pattern. Although it may appear straightforward, solving this puzzle requires a lot of skills, and you may need hours.

Where to Download: Printables Checkerboard Puzzle


17. Pumpkin

Pumpkin Puzzle

Dive into this Pumpkin Puzzle for some Halloween fun! It entertains as a toy but also doubles as festive decor, perfect for spicing up your Halloween celebrations. Add your creative flair by incorporating additional elements or painting the pieces in vibrant colors for a personalized flavor. It is inspired by 3DWP’s Pumpkin model and comes in 11 STL files. Easy to print and assemble.

Where to Download: CGTrade Pumpkin Puzzle


18. Modular Magnetic Go Board

Modular Magnetic Go Board Puzzle

This modular set now offers the flexibility to create any size Go board desired, along with arbitrary shapes, thus adding a new dimension to the game.

Featuring a 5 mm magnetic ball in each piece, players can freely rotate them to achieve perfect alignment with the grid center. The ABS plastic bits dissolved in acetone were used for the grid pattern. With each field piece weighing around 3 grams and printed with 30% infill, and the Go stones printed with 100% infill, this set offers durability and stability. This magnetic feature proves especially advantageous for individuals with fine motor skill challenges, providing a more accessible way to enjoy the game.

Where to Download: CGTrader Modular Magnetic Go Board


19. Crazy Clock

Green Crazy Clock Puzzle

It’s not just an ordinary timepiece. This puzzle combines the sophistication of fine clocks with the fun challenge of puzzle-solving, not only for fun but also educational, helping children grasp concepts of time and clock mechanisms. Printed with 0.2mm layer height, 2 walls, and 15% infill, this puzzle is both sturdy and visually good-looking. A toy for kids and a decoration for the room, which is also an appropriate gift.

Where to Download: Makerworld Crazy Clock Puzzle


20. Palace of Masks

Palace of Masks Puzzle

The Palace of Masks is a well-known structure in the ancient Mayan city of Kabáh (ka-BAAH). For those who love Mexico and fine architecture lovers, it is such a gift and decoration, a toy to spend time with both adults and kids.

Compared with the previous ones we mentioned, this is more complicated. You are expected to print slowly at 20mm/s for outer perimeters, turn to fine-tune retraction to avoid stringing, and watch out for at least two perimeters and 3 top layers, using as low as 12% infill. Supports are also required when you print, except for the base. You can use any filament colors or combinations you like.

Where to Download: Palace of Masks Puzzle from Printables



So, there you have it! These 20 3D printed puzzles are like a treasure trove of fun waiting to be discovered. From cute pandas to mind-bending Palace of Masks, there’s a puzzle for every taste and challenge level. But it’s not just about the fun. These puzzles are educational, too! They’ll sharpen your kids’ brains and help them learn about everything from animals to ancient architecture. So why wait? Dive in, start printing, and let the puzzle-solving adventures begin!