ZWorld Asia 2023 Concluded on a High Note

From June 14 to 16, 2023, ZWorld Asia 2023 was successfully held in Tokyo, Japan. The event brought together the ZWSOFT team and its resellers from across Asia to explore the latest advancements in CAx solutions and new business opportunities.

ZWorld is an annual event hosted by ZWSOFT, serving as a bridge between ZWSOFT and its resellers, key clients, and third-party application developers. Following the kickoff event in Dubai, UAE, ZWorld Asia commenced on June 14, 2023, in Japan.

Over 50 resellers from 10 countries and regions in Asia, including Japan and South Korea, attended the event held at Hilton Tokyo Odaiba.

Under the theme “Power the Engineering World with All-in-One CAx,” the ZWSOFT team presented their achievements and strategies for business and product development, sparking in-depth discussions with the attendees.

The ZWSOFT team and its Asia partners at ZWorld Asia 2023

Figure 1. The ZWSOFT team and its Asia partners

Looking Back and Ahead: Breakthroughs and Future Plans of CAx Products

At the event, the ZWSOFT team showcased the latest breakthroughs and future R&D plans for ZWCAD, ZW3D, and ZWBIM.

Kyle HE, ZWCAD Product Manager, stated, “ZWCAD 2024 is a significant milestone in the development history of ZWCAD, owing to the significant enhancement in performance and the introduction of crucial features such as Flexiblock and Point Cloud.”

He further explained, “We have successfully developed key technologies such as large image display, incremental save, hardware acceleration, and multi-thread computing. As a result, ZWCAD 2024 outperformed its competitors in performing common operations such as Open, Zoom, Select, and Plot.”

Regarding the future plan of ZWCAD, he summarized, “In the future, we will continue to improve the user experience, expand 3D modeling capabilities of ZWCAD, and deep dive into industries to serve our customers better.”

The ZWSOFT team delivered a speech to its partners at ZWorld Asia 2023

Figure 2. The ZWSOFT team delivered a speech to its partners.

Terry DENG, Manager of Technical Support, discussed the stability, capability, and reliability improvements in ZW3D 2024.

He stated, “With years of iteration and testing in real-world conditions, the stability, capability, and reliability of ZW3D 2024 has been greatly improved. This improvement has allowed us to truly achieve our goal of unifying design, simulation, and manufacturing.”

Furthermore, he outlined plans to focus on key industries, including industrial equipment, consumer goods, plastic molds, and auto parts, to better fulfill their needs.

Yin ZHANG, Product Manager of ZWBIM, shared the latest updates and plans for ZWBIM.

She revealed, “ZWBIM, a solution based on ZWSOFT’s advanced 3D graphics platform, is now in the late stage of development and will soon enter the verification stage. It aims to become a comprehensive BIM solution for civil buildings, integrating design, collaboration, and project management across various disciplines.”

The ZWSOFT team had a free talk with its partners at ZWorld Asia 2023

Figure 3. The ZWSOFT team had a free talk with its partners. 


Working Hand in Hand with Global Partners

ZWSOFT has established in-depth cooperation with over 800 channel partners since entering the global market in 2004. Together, they have provided products and services to more than 1.4 million users in over 90 countries.

Despite challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic and economic uncertainty, ZWSOFT’s partners have demonstrated remarkable resilience, achieving impressive revenue growth. The Asia market alone achieved over 35% revenue growth in the past year.

Owen OU, General Manager of Global Business at ZWSOFT, expressed his gratitude to ZWSOFT’s Asian partners for their efforts.

“Our global partners play a crucial part in bridging ZWSOFT and the world, enabling the company to expand its network and promote CAx solutions globally.”

The ZWSOFT Team and its partners at Welcome Party at ZWorld Asia 2023

Figure 4. The ZWSOFT Team and its partners at Welcome Party  

During the event, ZWCAD and its Asian partners engaged in discussions on strengthening brand awareness, creating advantages over competitors, and providing better services for local customers. ZWCAD KOREA, ZWSOFT’s Korean partner, shared its successful experience in developing customers in the manufacturing and construction industries.

Following the Road of Internationalization Unswervingly

Truman DU, CEO of ZWSOFT, emphasized the growing participation of industrial enterprises in digital transformation. He identified digital manufacturing, digital construction, and digital cities as great opportunities for ZWSOFT and its partners.

He stated, “To seize these opportunities, we will increase our investment in R&D talents to develop more competitive products, and achieve sustainable growth with our global partners through targeted market strategies.”

ZWorld is a vital platform for the communication between ZWSOFT and its global partners. Through this event, ZWSOFT can gather valuable feedback on its products and services, which helps in creating tailored solutions that cater to local customer requirements. By understanding the challenges faced by local customers, ZWSOFT can offer more efficient solutions that address their unique needs.